Accepted File Types:
Macintosh Preferred. Some Windows based PC file formats will work. Call for exact specifics if not covered here.

Adobe Illustrator (MAC/Windows PC).
All text must be converted to outlines to prevent the need for us to have your exact font. Images of photos or drawings placed into and AI file may not be useable.

CorelDraw files may be used. All Type or Text must first be converted to outlines. The file must be saved as ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE type, which is an option when you hit save, in a pull down menu in the dialog window box.

Adobe Photoshop (MAC/Win PC).
Black and white outlines. Image size should be 4″x4″ for small designs and 10″x10″ for large designs. Resolution should be 300 dpi. Image type should be BMP (Bitmap).

Quark Express 5 (or lower).
In some cases artwork may be supplied using these programs. A disk will need to be mailed included with fonts and any placed images. You must call to verify prior to submitting these file types.

Microsoft Publisher or Word.
We can NOT use Microsoft Publisher or Paint files. We can open and view Microsoft Word documents however aside from simple Text, 98% of the time we can NOT use the actual artwork from Word. In these cases we will most likely need to start from scratch and recreate the entire design. Accordingly, artwork charges may apply.

Please Call FIRST
We don’t want you to waste your time. If you really want to submit your own artwork, CALL US FIRST if you are not sure about any of the above instructions. Or contact us via email to find out how to send your artwork electronically. If you are sending more than one file please use YouSendIt  to combine and compress all files into one OR send one email message with only one file attached to it at a time. If using WinZip please send us a separate email to notify us that a ZIP file is being emailed to us.

Sending file types on disk, through e-mail:
Artwork may be sent via the US post office THOUGH UPS, FED EX is recommended we except, 100mb ZIP disks, DVD or CD ROM’s.