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General Policies:



You can modify one of our stock designs or have our art department create something for you. Please visit our design section or visit our Artwork Submission and Guidelines page for instructions on submitting your design to us. Once your art is done we will post your art by emailing it to you to review. If necessary, our art department will make corrections to your artwork after it has been posted.

The colors and sizing of emailed art is not exact. We size our artwork based on the item(s) ordered, the print location(s) and the design(s) being printed. If you want your artwork to be a specific size you must specify what size you want when you place your order or when you approve your artwork.

You MUST approve your artwork by submitting your approval to your sales representative via email AND by calling your sales representative at 855-629-3543. Once you approve your artwork, MazelTovGear.com is not responsible for any artwork mistakes on your items so please take the time to carefully check your artwork. Failure to approve your artwork in a timely manner may push back the delivery date of your order.  MazelTovGear.com is not responsible for any delay in order delivery caused by a delay in artwork approval.

Artwork & Design Submission Information

Our art staff can create artwork based on your ideas or sketches. You may also submit your own vector image for us to produce.

If you provide hand drawn art please make sure it has solid black outlines with no shading. If needed you may provide an additional color copy. We can accept artwork created by a variety of artwork programs and in several image file formats. To save you time and effort it is very important that you read below and speak with our art department before creating any artwork via computer for submission.

All designs will become the property of MazelTovGear.com and will not be mailed back with your order. MazelTovGear.com reserves the right to display artwork of orders in our portfolio for the purposes of advertising.

Common Mistakes and Misconceptions about Web Images

JPG’S and GIF’S are the 2 main types of files found on web pages. Because of the size of these images they are not usable for screen printing purposes. While the image may appear large on a computer monitor in reality they are very small and once enlarged become pixilated and unusable. Our art staff can use these images as a reference for re-drawing the image but art charges may apply based on the complexity of the final artwork.

Guidelines and Information for Submission of Electronic Artwork Files

Accepted File Types:
Macintosh Preferred. Some Windows based PC file formats will work. Call for exact specifics if not covered here.

Adobe Illustrator (MAC/Windows PC).
All text must be converted to outlines to prevent the need for us to have your exact font. Images of photos or drawings placed into and AI file may not be useable.

CorelDraw files may be used. All Type or Text must first be converted to outlines. The file must be saved as ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE type, which is an option when you hit save, in a pull down menu in the dialog window box.

Adobe Photoshop (MAC/Win PC).
Black and white outlines. Image size should be 4″x4″ for small designs and 10″x10″ for large designs. Resolution should be 300 dpi. Image type should be BMP (Bitmap).

Quark Express 5 (or lower).
In some cases artwork may be supplied using these programs. A disk will need to be mailed included with fonts and any placed images. You must call to verify prior to submitting these file types.

Microsoft Publisher or Word.
We can NOT use Microsoft Publisher or Paint files. We can open and view Microsoft Word documents however aside from simple Text, 98% of the time we can NOT use the actual artwork from Word. In these cases we will most likely need to start from scratch and recreate the entire design. Accordingly, artwork charges may apply.

Please Call FIRST
We don’t want you to waste your time. If you really want to submit your own artwork, CALL US FIRST if you are not sure about any of the above instructions. Or contact us via email to find out how to send your artwork electronically. If you are sending more than one file please use YouSendIt  to combine and compress all files into one OR send one email message with only one file attached to it at a time. If using WinZip please send us a separate email to notify us that a ZIP file is being emailed to us.

Sending file types on disk, through e-mail:
Artwork may be sent via the US post office THOUGH UPS, FED EX is recommended we except, 100mb ZIP disks, DVD or CD ROM’s.

Final Artwork Approval

When you place your order with us, we will email you artwork to review. Your order will not be printed until we receive an email back with your art approval.  Call us today to get the process started!

All designs are copyright MazelTovGear.com. We reserve the right to display artwork submitted by customers for the purposes of advertising.

Price Quotes

When using custom artwork, it is best to call us at 855-629-3543 to request a price quote. You can also request a quote online.

Please try to provide us with as much of the following information as possible so we may give you a more accurate price quote:

  • quantity of items (Minimum of 24 pieces)
  • type of item (t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc…)
  • color of the item
  • number of ink colors on the front of the shirt
  • number of ink colors on the back of the shirt
  • due in hands date


*We have a minimum order of 24 pieces.

*Important: Once you have made a financial commitment, there is a minimum $75 cancellation fee. You will also be charged an additional restocking fee and processing fee if we have ordered products to fill your order.


To order by phone:

Call us at 855-629-3543 to speak with a sales representative. Art can be emailed to your sales rep.



Because everything we produce is custom-made, we must receive a financial commitment before we can begin work on your order. We will accept a mailed personal check, credit/debit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express).  We do not ship C.O.D. Failure to pay for your order in a timely manner may push back the delivery date of your order or necessitate rush charges to meet your delivery date.  MazelTovGear.com is not responsible for any delay in order delivery or any rush charges incurred due to a delay in receiving payment.

Checks should be made payable to MazelTovGear.com. You will be subject to a $75 processing fee for any returned check in addition to the balance due on the order.

There is a $100.00 deposit on your order which is non-refundable. The remaining balance due must be paid in full before we will produce and ship your order.

New York State regulations require us to collect and remit sales tax based on the address your product(s) are being delivered to. We are required to collect tax on the products themselves as well as our SERVICE of shipping and handling. THERE IS NO TAX ON ORDERS DELIVERED OUTSIDE NEW YORK. If your organization is tax exempt, you must pay with an organizational check or credit/debit card. Proper proof of your tax exemption must be provided.


In the event one or more of the items you ordered are on backorder or discontinued you can either wait for the item(s) to come in, get another comparable item(s) or get a refund.

We reserve the right to substitute items of comparable value to fill group orders if we discover a shortage or manufacturer defect in one or more of your items. You will be notified, if time permits, prior to shipping of any substitutions.

As soon as your full payment has been received, we order the blank items to fill your order. From this point forward, your garment type, garment color or item (if not clothing) cannot be changed without additional restocking/processing fees.

Add-ons and re-orders

You may be able to add-on to a group order depending on the specifics of your order; however there may be additional charges for doing so.

You may re-order more of an item as long as you meet the minimum order requirement when applicable. For group screen printing orders, the minimum for re-orders is at least 24 pieces. The price per item may increase when placing a re-order. We highly recommend ordering extra items when placing group orders because add-ons and re-orders are not always possible. Please contact your sales representative for more information.


All orders are custom-made based on the customer’s instructions at the time of ordering and as such, the customer is responsible for any costs incurred by MazelTovGear.com up to the point of cancellation. Orders that have already been produced/fulfilled CANNOT be cancelled. In addition, you will be charged an art charge if we have done artwork for your order.

It may be possible to reduce the amount of items ordered without completely canceling your order. If this is possible, you will not be charged a cancellation fee, but you may be charged a restocking and a processing fee. The price per piece for the remaining items may also increase. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Returns and Exchanges

Since all orders are custom-made, there can be no returns unless the item(s) ordered is defective or the wrong item(s) is received.

All orders are thoroughly examined and counted by at least two members of our production staff to ensure that item sizes and quantities are accurate. All items are also examined for defects prior to being shipped. We have a +/- 2% overstock/understock allowance. If you are ordering for an exact number of people, please order 2% more than you will need to ensure that you have enough for everybody.

If a problem does arise with your order, please contact us at info@MazelTovGeaqr.com or 855-629-3543 within 72 hours of receiving your order. Please do not send any items back to us without calling first. Unauthorized returns may be refused and sent back to the customer. Please do not alter the item(s) received in any way. Items cannot be returned more than two weeks after receipt for any reason.

Garment Care

All clothing should be washed inside out. Garments with Rhinestones must be hand washed or machine washed using the gentle cycle. All other clothing should be machine washed in cold water. DO NOT ADD BLEACH OR OTHER CHEMICALS. Wash all garments separately and lay them flat to dry. THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE TO REPLACE ANY WASHING INSTRUCTIONS INSIDE GARMENTS

Items with screen printing may form stress marks/tears over time. Washed or worn garments, including garments with this form of damage, cannot be replaced, returned for a refund or exchanged.


Limit of MazelTovGear.com Responsibility

You are responsible for ordering correctly. When ordering over the phone, you must provide your sales representative with accurate instructions for producing your order correctly and in a timely manner. Do not assume your sales representative knows what you want and when you want it if he/she has not asked you. MazelTovGear.com will only be responsible for acting on those instructions given or sent to us that we actually receive. These instructions will affect the accuracy or timeliness of your order. We are not responsible for instructions that we do not receive, instructions we receive late or instructions that are not possible to follow. We are also not responsible for any incorrect instructions you may provide.

MazelTovGear.com is not responsible for items that must be discontinued because they are no longer available from the manufacturer. From the time we have given you your quote.

We are also not responsible for typographical errors in our catalog or on our website (www.MazelTovGear.com). We reserve the right to modify our catalog and website including these policies at any time without notice. Please contact us at 855-629-3543 if you have any questions regarding these policies. When placing an order with MazelTovGear.com, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions described in these policies.







Screen Printed & Embroidered Apparel Shipping to the Continental USA



Est. Production Time

Standard Delivery

FREE on most orders

5-10 Business Days

Rush Delivery

25% of apparel subtotal

Rush delivery orders are guaranteed to be delivered in 6 business days.

Please note that we can not ship to PO boxes.